marias makeover :: APRIL

so you may or may not have noticed that I have not done a makeover/diet post for the last few weeks ... this is because I have decided to just do one a month ... at the speed I am losing weigh this will be much more exciting for both of us! hahaha

We the good news is, I have managed to lose the weight I put on while I was in Edinburgh so I am now back to the 4lb loss from before. I am also back on track with Weight Watchers ... just hope I can keep focused and not let the down days/moments in life sneak in with chocolate ;)

I had a bit of a hair cut at the beginning of the month ... when I say hair cut ... it was done at home and was basically 5 inches lopped off.

It is now only down to my waist rather than my bum, but I am really liking it, although it feels so much shorter (I know its not, but it feels like that)

I am going to be sorting out and getting rid of loads of clothes in the next few weeks (hoping eBay will have another free listing weekend soon) to make room for some that are more me and maybe made by me.

... anyway happy dieting if you are on one and happy munching if you are not!


  1. Your hair is so lovely, wish mine was that long again!

    1. aww, thanks chic ... I am totally un-adventerous when it comes to my hair, its either lose or in a bun ... really want to try my styles, but fancy plaits are not easy to do on yourself!


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