using my trollen disk

I had a lovely crafty evening last night ... wanting to try out my new toys ... I thought I would give you a quick peek at the braiding I made on my Trollen Disk

With the wooden disk (mine is oak) came a booklet with a plastic disk with numbers on so its easier to know where the threads go ... to be honest though on a simple braid like this one, it wasn't really needed.

It is a bit fiddly to keep the tension right so the braid doesn't go lumpy especially at the beginning, but ones it got longer it was easier. I finished the braid and am thinking they would make pretty bracelets :)

A little of the known history of the Trollen Disk

This method of braiding is thought to date back to the Viking era, and originate in Scandinavia. The Danish museum say that this method of braiding was possibly used in the 16th and certainly by the 17th and 18th centuries. Trollen weaving has been found at Haithabu, now part of Germany, but originally Denmark. Many samples of these braids can be seen in Scandinavia or in the V&A Museum.

There are some who think that the Japanese style braiding known as Kumihimo, did not originate in Japan and move west, but very possibly it was the other way round. Certainly finds of textile tool seem to indicate that this type of braiding moved from west to east.

excerpts from instruction booklet by D Bamford and J Stoker


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