I'm percolated

I have been playing with an app I got a month ago but not really tried out much till now (yep, another camera app!) It's called PERCOLATOR and it makes your photos like its brewing a cup of coffee (it will make sense if you try it out)
This photo of me was the first photo I took on my iPad (which may I add I am doing my first blog post on)
I do look a bit like I a rabbit caught in the headlights! ... but I am really loving the effects and will the last photo makes me want to try and make a picture out of coloured buttons
I hope you all have a great Monday ... I'm off to work in a bit and I had better go as I've got some post bits to do first. x


  1. Ooh that looks like a fun app! You'll have to write a list of all your favourite ones, (not just photography ones) so I can go spend money! No wait, better not spend too much, but I do love apps so would be very interested in seeing your list of favourites. :) xxx


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx