maria's little owl

In my massive internet re-arrange, (I seem to pick the stupidest time to act on an idea ... like when I can't sleep in the middle of the night) ... well as you know, or may not know, I am combining my craft blog to this blog, so Maria's Craft Corner will (eventually) be no more ...

Maria's Craft Corner was not only the name for my crafty blog, but also my online shops and my twitter. I actually have a couple of twitter accounts. One was for my business when I was self employed and one more personal ... (I want to keep them both). My personal one is @mariainthewood and the name ties in with my blog. I follow lots of family on it and like having a smaller account so their tweets don't get lost the the tweet stream. My other twitter, which I have had for years, for my business, I have made lots of lovely friends on. It has had a few name changes in its time ... and now its time for another one ...
So if you now see me in your stream and wonder who I am ... @mariaslittleowl ... its me!!!

I was going to just call my shops 'MARIA in the WOOD' too, but I am so loving maria's little owl, that if you pop round to my Folksy, eBay or Etsy (which is empty at the moment) you will find a little owl there now :)

........ but I do need your help ... you may have seen that my little owl is already used on my website and in a few other graphics I have made for this blog ... I like that ... I like that my little owl ties in with my overall look and I want my shop banners to fit in too ... so here are a few I have made and I just wondered which you preferred (if any!)

please note that they are actually bigger than this blog is letting me show them - if you click on them, you can see them enlarged.

oooh, the lines in the newspaper background is really showing up with them being smaller ... not sure I like that!

anyway, what do you think?
any you like?

I also have a little suppy shop called ButterflyBuys on Folksy and I have re-done its banner too ...

... so you can see the theme I have going on.

Would love to know what you think :)

... a bit more playing and just want to add ...


  1. I like 2 and 5, though they are all gorgeous!

  2. i like number 5 the best :0)

  3. thank you everyone for your comments on here and twitter ... I like 5 best, but I really want the patchwork flowers in it as my shops a for things I make ... so I think I am going to go for no.6 ... but knowing me, it could change ;)
    Thanks again everyone x


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx