some lovely blogs

and why I love blogging ...
to me, my blog is like a bit of a diary of my life ... a memento .. I love looking back at past post ... at past pictures ... at my life a year ago, 2 years ago or longer. I love making graphics for it and I love taking photos for it ... I just love it (ok, lets not talk about how sad I am ... or the fact I am under a blanket like an old lady ...... its been very cold !!)

I read so many lovely blogs, full of peoples live, their special events and every day moments ... I wanted to share with you a few that you may not have come across.
First up is Joanna's blog 'Waiting for two' I started following her a couple of years ago, she was waiting to collect their precious little girl that they were adopting from China and they have now had her for 20 months ... >>this post made me cry<<

next, Miss Indie. Mandy's blog is so colourful and full of inspiration. I always look forward to reading her posts and it makes me wish we had huge thrift stores in the UK like they have in the US.

Casey Wiegand's blog is about her family ... she is so open and honest about her life and is a true inspiration ... her family is pretty cute too ;)

I hope you will check them out, and if you follow any inspiring blogs, please let me know x


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx