little owl likes ...

I have had a lovely weekend with my sis-in-law, brother, gorgeous niece and crazy-pup who all came to stay for a few days :) It has been really lovely and I was very sorry to see them go yesterday.

I feel so inspired with lots of lovely ideas and projects for Maria's Little Owl ... I can't wait to get started ... I must make a note of them all while I remember them all! (sorry, can't share any yet)
I really must make myself a time table ... my time seems to get frittered away, and weeks are flying by ... I don't seem to be able to get on top of anything and there are so many things I want to do.
Do you like what I made yesterday? The little flower I made for Bex just before they left to go home, and the little owl is just for me :)
I also wanted to remind you that I have a GIVEAWAY on at the moment ...
I hope you will enter :)
Have a good week x


  1. awwwww very cute! Looking forward to seeing your new ideas as they come to be! Do write them down you don't want to forget them and I think a timetable would be a good idea for you .... as long as you stick to it! I know you! You're like me you get distracted ;-) xxxx

    1. Thanks Teri, its not really distraction thats the problem, more that I just have so much to do and really need to prioritise so that what needs to be done really does get done.

      I have them written down ;) did that straight after writing this post!

  2. I love my little flower, thank you!! Look forward to seeing what else you make, you clever thing. xx


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