see this dog ...

see this dog ... the absolutely adorable cuter than cute dog ...
she had a little operation today ... she was spayed ... I know its an everyday job for the vets, but for me and dilly-dog its a big deal ...................... but she is fine ... it all went well ... she is home ............. she does smell weird ... but she is ok and I am one happy doggy-mummy.

As soon as she heard us arrive to pick her up she started whining for us and she seemed ok with her tail wagging ... she couldn't wait to get to the car to come home, but as soon I lifted her out of the car she just stood there in a total dazed state ... I think the journey home took any little energy she had. Since then she has been in a total daze ... it is funny watching her ... she sort of sways as she doesn't seem to have the energy to stand but not quite with-it enough to lie down ... so I have had to move her legs to make her lie  ....... she is so cute ;)
Her stitches are well bandaged up but as a precautionary measure the vet offered a cone or a t-shirt ...... I went for the t-shirt ... dilly has never worn anything before apart from silly things on her head like reindeer ears that stay on for about 3 mins. She was so groggy that she let me put on the t-shirt without  batting an eyelid! It has poppers at the end around her tail and back legs so there is no way she is getting to her stitches. It also seems so much more comfy than a cone.

I think she looks so adorable in it ... I am slightly worried that this may start off a 'dressing my doggy phase' ................... ooooh her tail just wagged for the first time since getting home ... I say wag ... it was a slight movement from left to right, nothing like the total mad highpowered wag she usually has!

I know it was silly to worry ... she is fine ... but I did ... she is my baby ... even if she does still smell funny ;)


  1. Bless her!! She is VERY cute. I hope she is feeling better soon, what a brave little doggy. xx

  2. Aww, poor groggy doggy. I want to curl up with her and cuddle. She is adorable! Where can I get one? ;) Hope she feels better soon. Xxx

  3. awww bless her! I hope today she is more like herself! and its not silly to worry! I worry if someone takes Dulcie for a walk and is longer than expected! They are the only babies we have and we love them and that gives us the right to worry about them :-) xxx


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