you know when ...

you know when a habit has got bad when dilly-dog goes and sits by the fridge at 9pm for your evening snack on cheese ;)

you know its time for a cup of tea whenever you think of it.

you know you have drunk too much when you break your toe and in the morning can't remember how.

you know you are getting old when you look at teenagers and think sh*t, I could be your mother

you know its Summer when the flipflops come out.

you know its time for bed when there is no one else around!

you know you have bought too much wool when you have more than the shop ... well nearly ;)

you know you are British when you don't really understand why anyone would want to drink iced tea when you could have a lovely cup of *hot* tea like and normal person ;)

you know you are a geek when you have more email addresses than pairs of shoes!

you know you need another pair of earrings when ... well, when ever you see a pair you like really !!

Do you know anything?

I am starting this up as an meme and hope you join in ...
These are the rules:

1. Post 10 things you know (you can use the subjects I have or make up your own).
2. Link up your post here :: MariaintheWood :: and it would be great if you could leave a comment too.
3. Tag 5 bloggers to keep this going.

Have fun, and if you don't have a blog but would like to share some stuff you know, please comment below ... and please support others who have entered buy reading theirs too!

To start off I am going to tag:
Rainbow Days
Samantha and her 2 little girls
Trinket Box

I am looking forward to reading them :)


  1. thanks for tagging me. I'll be linking up soon :-) looking forward to thinking of things that you don't have on your list!! :-)

  2. So we can still enter even if we weren't tagged, right? :)
    x Monica

  3. Done! :) Not very exciting, I'm not the most interesting person in the world. :) xxx


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