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What inspired you to start blogging?
One day, after a rainstorm, I realized that I was doing only what I had to do. The little things that make me happy had begun to slip through the cracks. My blog is about finding + pursuing the happy things, no matter gray skies or clear days. Blogging happens to be one of those happy things... thus A Rain Parade, where the rain on my parade just makes much more joyous.

What is your favorite possession that accompanies you?
My 24-pack of Crayola fine-tip markers.

Do you collect anything?
postcards, random clothing pieces that *one day* will be altered into beautiful items (they reside in my "Projects" bag, waiting for a week of only sewing + seam-ripping), little slips and stubs and scrapbook-esque mementos of trips, and precious memories.

What are your best and worst habits?
*Venn diagram*
Good Habit: Listography
Bad Habit: Procrastination
Both: Late night art-making (this one is my favorite!)

What are your summer goals?
Before summer started, I made a lovely list of them... that has unfortunately been misplaced (typical Monica). A few that I remember:
1. Run 100 miles.
2. Volunteer 100 hours.
Empty the "Projects" bag.
Achieving a 2012 goal of hers, Monica has opened a brand new shop, Happy Squared. With her friend Jessica, she is selling handmade jewellery and vintage clothes. They want to share the joy of crafting and discovery with you. And yes, they ship across the pond. :)

Monica & Jessica would like to give you, my lovely readers, 10% off in their Happy Squared Shop on Etsy.
Just quote code: MARIA10 ... happy shopping!

~ you can follow Monica here ~
Thank you Monica :)
I hope you will pop over and follow her happy blog.
.... and don't forget to check out the other 5 winners ... their links are below my welcome heart (top right) ... they will be up for one more week!


  1. Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed my little interview. I've added something to my blog that you might be interested in... first five followers win free ad space + feature! Check it out: arainparade.blogspot.com


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