magpie monday :: LITTLE OWL GIRL

You know my little owl ... this little owl ...

... well I have been looking for him everywhere ... and then I found him ... happy day! but he is currently not in this country and to save his little wings I asked how much it would cost for him to catch a lift on a plane ... the seller took and while to answer so I am still waiting for him ... but while looking for him, I found a little friend for him ... a little girl friend ...

... isn't she sweet ... she is in perfect condition with no chips or cracks and is actually a little bell!
she was only a couple of quid and I love her!! I can't wait for my other little owl now ... they will enjoy sitting together and making friends!

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  1. Ahh young owl love! Can't beat it.

  2. CUTE!
    Lot's of Owls in todays Magpie Monday posts - I've counted three already!


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