just some ramblings

I am knackered!!

been doing some extra days at work this week so am back to that feeling-behind and not get getting anything done feeling :(

too tired to do anything the last two evenings, so have just curled up with dilly-dog and watched some good thrillers ... I've read some of my book (The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown) and dilly-dog didn't mind being a book rest either!

this would be my perfect summer outfit ....... if we had the perfect summer and if I was the perfect weight had reached my goal weight ;)
I LOVE cream lace dresses ... love love love ... I think I am just going to have to get one. I have a black one that I wore to my sis-in-laws hen party ... I love that one too :)

so here is a question ...
what the hell has happened to Nicks hair in CSI?
and why are there so many pips in raspberries? ... it can ruin a good smoothie

I was going to go into Hereford tomorrow and see the Queen ... but think I am too tired to cope with all the crowds and not sure we could find somewhere to park blaa blaa blaa ... pretty gutted as it was on my to do list for this year! but I guess I will have to find another way to see her!


  1. Oh I hope your week gets better! I don't like those downer days, but eventually they'll be over and the better days will seem even brighter... anyways, I love that lace dress! unfortunately it's sold out, though I probably wouldn't have bought it anyways... gotta love online window shopping! :)
    And you have a much better chance of seeing the queen than I do here in the states! It must be so exciting with the Olympics coming, too...


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