26 week challenge :: week 1

last summer I set myself 2 photography challenges.

I didn't finish either :/

one of them was to work through the alphabet taking an A photo, a B photo, a C photo (you get the idea!)

and the other was a 31 day challenge ... it was probably silly to start a 31 day challenge just as I was starting a new job, which is probably why I never finished it!

so, I have decided to try again with them ... but this time do one photo a week ... that's pretty manageable isn't it!

the a-z one will take 26 weeks which is half a year, so I am cutting a few out of the 31 day challenge and making it 26 week challenge ... so both together will take me a year!

if you want to join in too, please link up, I would LOVE to see what you come up with ... it is just meant to be fun, so even if you snap a photo with your phone, please link up! (more info on linking up ::here:: )

I thought I would do the 26 week challenge first and then the a-z (26 weeks from now takes us to the end of the year) ... so this is the list of challenges ...

week 1: the first thing you see when you wake up
week 2: a reflection of yourself
week 3: looking up
week 4: something that shows the weather
week 5: shadow
week 6: something old
week 7: something hiding
week 8: the view from your window
week 9: something out of place
week 10: black and white
week 11: sunrise or sunset
week 12: a portrait
week 13: something with texture
week 14: lights at night
week 15: a landscape
week 16: busy workin
week 17: something small
week 18: movement
week 19: a silhouette
week 20: architecture
week 21: symmetry
week 22: a photo with a colour theme
week 23: before and after (2 photos)
week 24: something with a pattern
week 25: perspective
week 26: something that tells a story

... so this is my photo for this week
:: the first thing you see when you wake up ::

my beautiful dilly-dog x

so next weeks photo is a reflection of yourself


  1. Hey Maria,
    I'm tempting to take part. Does the weekly photo have to be on any particular day of the week?

    1. Hi Nicola, I will be putting my post up on Sundays, but you can link up whenever you like :)


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