my week

what a weird week
we are half way through the year
we have floods
we have very loud thunder
we have a little bit of sunshine

I have had an up and down week
not slept that well
walked into a stand at work
have a huge bruise and bump on my arm
and a crook neck

caught up on some good tv :)
read some of my book
tried some new recipes
drunk lots of tea
and green smoothies (which my mum calls my green slime drinks)
and some fruit smoothies
done some painting
and some crochet

you can follow me on instagram @mariainthewood

hows your week been?
have a good rest of the weekend x


  1. Wow that's a hell of a bruise!

  2. We've also had a lot of rain here, and I've definitely been catching up on some good tv, too. I like the poetic style of the description of your week. :) And your crochet is so beautiful! I wish my crochet skills were that good! ;)


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