this Summer ....... hopefully

I have been thinking about some things I want to do this Summer.

I had hoped to walk Offa's Dyke, but due to a number of things, its not really going to happen this Summer. I am still wanting to do it, and am going to keep with the training and go for it next Summer.

soooo, this Summer .... I have been thinking of what I want to do ...

I have bought a few magazines recently ... usually when I am tired after work and want to come home and flop. One I got last week was MAKING and as well as a lovely play tent that I am so making when I have kids, are these fun flowers. When I had my shop in Cornwall years ago, I had a load of these in jars all along the window, they looked lovely ... I'm all inspired to make some more!
I feel a trip to London is due. I haven't been properly for a couple of years (just been passing through) This photo must have been taken about 8 years ago (I honestly can't remember ... I am rubbish with dates) I think it was this trip that Tina and I went to see Phantom of the Opera and probably spent far too much money shopping!

(sorry its a photo of a photo, so not that great!)
While looking for this photo I realised what a mess some of my photos are in and was reminded of my plan to scan them all in ... so this Summer I would like to sort them somehow.

(photos are:: me holding my Goddaughter the day she was born :: me about 9 months old on a little rocking horse :: my beautiful niece when she was a wee thing x ::)
while looking for a London photo I found a few others I had forgotten ... when I was 18 I went to the US for 3 months to stay with my God Mother. Her little boy needed some new pyjamas ... so I made him some aeroplanes ones ... he wore them all the time ... even during the day! I made this patchwork cot quilt for a lady at work when I was about 19/20 ... she was pregnant ... turned out to be a boy ...... sorry about the pink little baby! .... and I just had to share this photo of dilly-dog ... taken the day I got her 7 years ago ... she was so ickle ... aww ;)
I have been given a couple of tops from work that were faulty and no good to anyone, but the material is really pretty, so I have been thinking what I could make with them ........ watch this space ... tutorial coming up soon!
and obviously this Summer is going to involve lots of dilly-dog-lovin'
What are you planning for this 'wonderful' Summer we are having??

oh, before I go ... I want to just show you the life of my bruise ... I know I am going on about it, but my shoulder is still pretty crook and you must admit, its a pretty impressive colour! ......
... ok, I will shut up about it now ;)


  1. My God that's a hell of a bruise!
    I have only been to London once, and I was about 5 or 6 at the time so I don't really remember it. I'd love to go, just not this summer, way too much going on with the Olympics!

    1. ha, can you believe I actually forgot about the olympics !!! maybe it will be an early Autumn trip!


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