a little catch up

I have been a little internet absent this last week ... this is cos I have been dying ... well not dying but feeling really really rough ... and all because of a cough!! it has been horrid, my whole throat has swollen up and I'm not able to lie-down or sit up without coughing for about an hour :( I know I am sounding very sorry for myself but its a horrid bug ... and typically its the week I start doing lots of extra hours at work as someone has left and we don't have enough cover at the moment. I have only had it for a week so far ... my brother and sister-in-law who I caught it off have had it for a month :( I am hoping I can kick it quicker than that. It has been so frustrating as I have so many thing I want/need to get on with and I haven't been able to get on with anything :(

... anyway, I have managed to watch Snow White and the Huntsman ... I really enjoyed it ... apart from (stop reading if you haven't seen it yet) ... I know they are wanting to make a sequel, but I found the end a bit unsatisfactory ... nothing was resolved between Snow White and the Huntsman ... did she know it was him that woke her? the magic of his kiss waking her was never explained ... but that said it was beautifully shot and its a DVD I will be keeping .... and obviously Chris Hemsworth is nice to watch ;)

Before I caught this cough I started making some Christmas cards ... some thin ones that would just be letter thickness in the post ...

I also wanted to remind you about AdvenTea ... are you a tea lover? fancy joining us and trying some different teas this Advent?
There are only 6 packs left if you would like to buy one, or if you want to buy your own teas and join in, here is our tea list.

You can join us on facebook or on our blog.

I am hoping I will be feeling a lot better next week and can get on with some lovely projects I have planned ... hope you are all well and happy x


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx