my Gran

I went to stay with my Gran a couple of weeks ago ... she is so amazing ... she is 92 and yet still going strong ... when she does spend her day in the chair she thinks she is being very lazy !!

I have spent my life watching the walls of her home being covered in paintings that she has done. Her father was an artist ... he painted the beautiful Bygone Beach Days paintings that I sell. Gran though was in her 50's before she started painting properly and she has been a member of the Tunbridge Wells Art Society since then.

When I was there, I snapped some shots of some of her paintings.

This is one of my little brothers when he was a toddler ...
... This is my eldest brother, it hung at the bottom of her stairs for the whole of my childhood ... great hair cut there Robin!!
I love this painting ... it is of Florence, Italy ... it hangs in her downstairs toilet and she painted it when she went to visit my Uncle, who was working there for 6 months when he was young.
Not sure where this is ... but living in Kent, where there are lots of trees, so it could be anywhere!
.... same with this one ... no idea where it is.
I love this painting too ... makes me feel very peaceful.
Oast house somewhere in Kent!
and this one is hanging in her spare bedroom ... the colours match the room perfectly :)
I hope you like her paintings as much as I do :)


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx