twit-twoo ... or what ever noise an owl makes

as much as I can I like to buy handmade or local ... but you know some bargains are just too good to say no to ...
this fun iPhone case cost me £1.70 on eBay with free p&p! I love it ... I may see what other ones I can get as at that price I could have one to match what ever mood I am in!
I of course had to change my lock-screen photo to 'little owl' to match ;) and I will have to crochet another case for it as it is now too big for the one I used before and I don't want the screen to get scratched in my bag.

I have managed to let 4 cups of tea go cold today!! ... I get too engrossed in what ever I am doing ... wish me luck with this one! have a lovely evening everyone x


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx