birthday presents and holiday shopping

while I was away it was my birthday and as if being away for my birthday wasn't good enough, I had a lots of lovely presents and I thought I would share some of them with you.

this great letter rack will definitely help me and my little owl stay organised! I have already filled it up with business cards, with comps slips and other very important things ;)

this cute little owl case is for your nails, with a nail file and scissors etc inside :) the necklace is rose quartz and goes perfectly with a ring I have

I just love this basket ... its such a cute shape!

this little soap dish is straight from bathroom wish list ... its so pretty!

these 2 were fun presents ... a mini cos I miss mine and the mug was actually a god send as where we where staying only had tiny cups ... and I am always in need of a big cup of tea ;)

as you may know, my one weakness is storage ... and these tins just make me soooo happy ... I can't wait to fill them with cakes, cookies and flapjack :D

and this is more storage ... a set of owl boxes :) weirdly these were bought on eBay and it turned out they were from the stationary shop in town ... of all place!

while away we also did a little shopping, there was a lovely craft centre that had a little a pottery ... this was in the seconds basket ... not sure whats wrong with it, but it will be perfect for toothbrush pot or as a pen pot :) I love a bargain!

the pottery also made these great dragons ... you add an incense cone underneath it (it is hollow) and smoke starts coming out of his nose ... its great!! They are called Smoking Dragons and come in different sizes and colours.

and I couldn't resist a Welsh love spoon ... perfect for my little Welsh kitchen!!
I wish I was still on holiday, it really was the best week away ever!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx