do you like dandelions?

do you like dandelions? ... I have never really liked them much before, I'm not that keen on yellow flowers and dandelions smell funny ... they make your hands smell funny too ... they also are rather boring, they don't have nice rounded petals and are just all one colour ...

.. but I couldn't help but smile and feel a new affection for them when walking Dilly yesterday as the park was FULL of them and it was very striking!

it was lovely to sit in the sunshine and take photos while Dilly had a run around

yes, I even took my flip flops off!

my favourite flowers at the moment though are the apple blossom that is growing on all the little baby trees that were planted last year ... blossom are the opposite of dandelions, they are perfect ;) haha

yes I know I look tired, but it was a no make-up day and I don't care ;)

Dilly-dog looked anything but tired ... she never stops! She is so fluffy and shaggy now! ... there is a little doggy under all that hair!

dandelion clocks are wonderful things though ... maybe I am getting a soft spot for the old dandelion? ;)


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx