glass picture tutorial

Do you remember the bathroom inspirations I posted the other month? and the bird picture ...

... well I have made my own and thought I would share it with you how I did it ...

1. You Need
a frame, a clip frame of the same size, an old postcard or picture, some glue spots, graph paper, a few tacks/panel pins, a hammer and a screw driver.
2. preparing
take the glass from both frames and clean them. I had to trim the glass from the clip frame as it was a tiny bit too big.
3. sticking
stick the glue spots on the back of the postcard ... I ended up using 3 so it didn't move at all.
place some graph paper under one of the sheets of the glass and line up the squares so its centrally placed.
place you postcard or picture onto the glass and using the squares line up your picture so it is central ... press down where the glue spots are.
4. holding in place
put the other sheet of glass in front and place in the frame ... double check there are no fingerprints or bits of dust between the sheets of glass.
take one of the tacks and place it in one of the corners on the back to hold the glass in place.
using a screwdriver and hammer (and your dads hands for the photo!) carefully tap the tack in place ... repeat in all 4 corners.
and there you have it ... a glass picture, add 2 eye hooks and cord to hang it (make sure they are high enough not to be seen through the glass) and hang your picture in place :)
it looks great against an unusual background or textured wall paper.

I am really pleased with mine and can't wait for my bathroom to be painted to I can hang it :)
I would love to see any you make so please leave a link in the comments below!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx