let me introduce you ...

Steve comes from a doggy family so I thought I would introduce you properly ... this is Roy ... he loves the water ... he is getting on a bit but the water reminds him how to have fun ... he would spend the whole time in the water if he could, chasing stones that Steve throws in for him!

Roy has shown Moss how to swim ... Moss is about 8 months old now and makes quite a splash when he first swims but is now getting the hang of it.

and this is Titch ... he is pretty old and blind so can be quite snappy and grumpy but when you go for a walk he just trots along at your heals which is quite sweet ... as long as you don't step on him!

the sheep aren't part of the family, just good neighbours ;)

they look a bit like an army don't they!

so there you go, if they appear on my blog in the future, you know who they are ;)


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx