Knighton to Dolley Green

today mum and I walked a little more of Offa's Dyke ... we started off in Knighton and called into the Offa's Dyke Centre ... I treated myself to a stoneware mug and a postcard with a map of the Dyke path on it. We got directed about 3 times by the lovely people of Knighton of how to get onto the Dyke path (we only really needed one of the directions, but it was very kind of them all to call out 'are you looking for Offa's Dyke?' ... did we look that lost?!)

these were in Knighton, before the path and looked so pretty I couldn't resist taking a snap!

this was the start of the path ... it was up-hill for the first bit and through a very pretty wood!

it soon opened out and parts of the Dyke were visible

as you can see it was well sign posted ... its always good to know where you are going!!! ;)

it was an overcast day, but perfect temperature to walk in

look at all the wool caught on the fence!

we made it to Dolley Green (I think I want to live in a place called Dolley Green!) which is 5 miles from Knighton along Offa's Dyke. We then had to walk another 3 miles to Presteigne to get the bus back home.

we walked along a bridle path which was really really lovely!

neither mum or I had ever been to Presteigne before and we had about an hour before the bus, so we had a well needed cup of tea and I had a tea cake too!

Presteigne is a really cute little town and there is a sandwich shop called Lorna's ... mums name is Lorna and I have never seen a place called Lorna's before!

down the road by the church I also saw this sign!! ... I have never seen Maria on a sign before either! weird eh!

it has been a really lovely day we are looking forward to do the next bit!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx