fridays favourite 5

Here are some of my favourite things from this week ...

1. ever since dilly-dog was spayed last year her coat has become so thick and fluff and very long and shaggy ... basically she has turned into a mop ... she is still really really soft and her hair is very fine ... people keep saying to me that she needs to have her coat clipped but I really don't want to so I was very excited to find the FURminator Long Hair DeShedder Tool for dogs on Amazon ... it arrived yesterday and works amazingly! it has thinned out her hair and yet she still has a lovely long soft coat :) best thing I can got for ages ... I am one happy doggy-mummy!

2. I have been thinking Christmas this week ... no its not too early ;) and I have been thinking stockings and I found these beautiful linen ones from Katy's Home Designs on Etsy ... they are so pretty and I really love the lace on them!

3. beauty and the beast has always been my favourite fairy tale and I just love this painting I stumbled upon on pinterest ...

4. I have been looking at fabric for our living room and really want a woodland feel to the room ... this voyage trailing oak fabric is perfect ... apart for the price ... I need about 9 metres so it works out more than I can afford ... but I can dream right ;)

5. Autumn is coming ... I will soon be needing a thicker dress ... especially with the Welsh winter and this is the one I am loving ... its by nomads and I really love it in the red :)

What are you lovin' this week?


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx