magpie monday :: patchwork and shelves

When I was little ... about 9 ... I got for christmas from my Nanny the best present ever ... a patchwork book and a huge bag full of pieces of material ... I spent hours over that book, planning quilts, dreaming about quilts and actually making some from it too ........... but some how that lovely book got lost in one of the many moves I have done in my life :(

I was very excited then to see it on ebay the other week at a bargain buy now price of 99p and £1.99 p&p ... its a hardback version too and in great condition ...

it is amazing how looking at it now, I can remember every picture and every quilt thats in there ... I am so glad to have replaced this precious book and hopefully get round to making some more from there!

Also on eBay I got this lovely corner shelf ... it needs some paint to freshen it up, but its so cute that it will look great anywhere :)

I had a craft fair on Saturday and had painted some china for it but needed something to display it on ... I was going to make something but ended up spotting this sweet shelf for £14 from an antique shop in town ...
... I chopped off the bottom brackets and gave it a couple of fresh coats of paint and its perfect ...
... I love it :)
... and I sold all the china apart from one thing so will definitely be doing more :)


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx