well I have been in Wales now for over 3 weeks ... the first week was a bit of a nightmare ... my car broke down a couple of days before I moved in (luckily now fixed, but not the best timing!) then the shower went wrong and broke the boiler so we had no heating and hot water ... both fixed but not an expense we needed :(

there is still lots to be done and finishing touches to be made but we are in, we are warm and happy ... we have limited internet via a dongle and I am still waiting for o2 to unlock my iphone so I can actually get reception and use ... who knew it would take over 3 weeks and about 6 phone calls ... hopefully I won't have to wait much longer :/

I have snapped a few sneaky-peaky shots for you ... welcome to our home ...

the porch and front door are going to be sorted next year, but for now we are Christmassy!

I have it at last! ... a pink and apple green kitchen ... I love this dresser so much ... the cupboards are full of pretty china and although can be quite a dumping ground at least it is looking a little festive ;)

Steve bought me gorgeous roses when we first moved in and they are all still going strong!

I got this sweet slate board from a craft fair I was at the other week ... Merry Christmas everybody!

remember the bathroom cupboard we got for a bargain £3 from facebook?? well I painted it white, turned the mirror around  and spray painted chalkboard paint onto the back and now have it in our dining area ... I know I need to write a lovely festive message on it, and it needs touching up as it got a bit scuffed in the move ... but I love it :) oh do you like the mushroom salt and pepper?? and the cute wooden owl is an early Christmas present from Steve.

I managed to get the Christmas tree up a on about the 3rd or 4th of December (the days are rolling in to one) ... some may say this tree is too big for the cabin ... I would say its perfect, who needs to be able to get to the corner of the room!!! ;)

I realised when putting it up though, that I didn't have a star or angel for the top of it though as I have always used a star of my mums, but one day when Steve and I were in Hereford, we found this spaced out little fella and felt he was perfect for our owl-cabin!!

we got a piece of marble when we bought a log burner fire a few months ago ... the people selling the fire gave it to us as they had the fire sitting on it ... we decided though that we preferred the fire just on the wooden floor, so Steve sliced the marble in half and made a window sill in the bathroom with it! There was a bit left over which we are using in the kitchen for hot pans to go on :)

remember the lampshade I made soooo long ago now ... well its up and looking lovely in our bedroom ... it makes the room really cosy and I am so pleased with it :)

Dilly-dog has settled in well ... she loves lying by the sliding doors and looking out across the decking to the chickens ... we also have some bird feeders up on the decking so there is always something for her to watch.

... and we have a new member of the family! a little kitten has come to live in the wood pile ... Steve has put out an old duvet and a box with straw in it for warmth for the little thing and we have been feeding him every day and giving him milk. He has grown so much already ... he will even let us stroke him now! He has even come up on to the decking asking for milk which I gave him, but he got spooked by Dilly, who also saw him and wanted to play!

We have called him Marmaduke after another ginger tom who used to live here years ago

can you believe its a week till Christmas Eve ... Christmas in my own home ... I have never looked forward to Christmas like I am this year! hope you all have happy Christmas preperations in what ever you are doing this week ... I am off to wrap some presents for Steves family with maybe a cheesy Christmas movie on in the background ;)


  1. Cannot wait to come and visit, looks so pretty!

  2. Such happy reading Maria, your cabin is just beautiful! Wishing you and Steve a lovely first Christmas in your new home lots and LOTS of love Karen xxxx

  3. I'm not sure what I like more - the kitten or the pink spotty ironing board cover?! All looks lovely :)

  4. Beautiful Maria looks like you been in years Lol Love the colour scheme very cozy xxx

  5. Ahh congratulations on your new home xx


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