owls and log cabins

back in september I designed this years christmas cards ... it was just going to be one design ... owls on the roof of a log cabin, but the owls just looked too big and it didn't look right so I ended up with two designs :)

a happy owl couple all wrapped up for a cold winter ... yep thats me and Steve!

I printed out extra owl couples so I could cut them out and make them as decopage with sticky pads

... you can just see here that its 3d ... I drew all the feet afterwards ...

... and this is our cosy log cabin ...

also 3d ... and with an extra layer on the front tree too!

I also did some without the padded layers so they could go in the post as a regular letter size.

and sending out christmas cards is the perfect timing to include our new address to everyone so I also made a slip with our new contact details ...


  1. Maria, these are awesome. You should market some for next Christmas :) Just opened our card from you tonight after seeing these pictures it made be fish it out xx

  2. wow i love these, so unusual x


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