looking back looking forward

as I look back over this last year I can honestly say its been the best year of my life ... it started on New Years day with a date with Steve and has ended with us tucked up for the winter in our cosy cabin with dilly-dog for company.

there have been some ups and downs as most years have, but I have been happier and more content that any other time of my life.

I am not sure if I managed to complete and year goals that I had ... I can't remember what they were unless they were something like lose weight ... in which case, I have lost a bit :D ... I think I just set out to enjoy this year, and I have ... I think I will try that again for 2014!!

I will probably try for losing a bit more weight, keeping in touch with everyone better and see my friends and family that don't live near by, try lots of new recipes, drink more water and explore around and about where I now live :)

Happy New Year everyone!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx