I have really got back into reading before bed over the last few weeks and have just plowed through a couple more books ... this is the first one ...

The Door In The Hedge by ROBIN MCKINLEY
I love all the Robin Mckinley books I have read so far and this book was no exception ... like the last book I read, I didn't realise when I started it, that it was a collection of stories ... this one included the princess and the frog and twelve dancing princess as well as others. Robin really has a way of adding a twist to traditional fairy tales. Its isn't a thick book so was quick, easy reading but great for bedtime reading and I really disappeared into her magical world!
If you like a little magic in your reading then read any of Robins books ... I want to read them all!!! 

and this is the second book ...

A Confusion Of Princes by GARTH NIX
This si-fi book is a good easy read. Its not my favourite Garth Nix book, but I really enjoyed it and looked forward to picking it up to read a bit more, which is surely as good sign in a book. It's based in the future where the universe is ruled by thousands of Princes and one Emperor. This story follows the life of one young prince who discovers that life as a Prince is not quite what he expected.


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