for Christmas my cousin made me a gorgeous poncho that I have lived in ever since ...

its really pretty with a flower at the side so I thought I would make one for myself as living here you can never have too many warm clothes!

its very simple .... crochet a rectangle ... mine is 70cm x 160cm ... you can use any stitch you like ... its good if its a nice loopy stitch ... I used the cross stitch and about 5 balls of wool that were a similar colour so it had a patched/stripe/mottled look!

then you need a flower ... the bigger the better ... I made a layered flower from some of the left over wool

next you need to gather the poncho ... fold it in half so its as half as long ... starting at the end-to-end edge (not the folded end) gather the top of the two ends and then sew them together, leaving enough to fit over your head. I left 50cm from the folded end to the gather (so there is a 100cm diameter hole)

then attach your flower over the gathered stitching

it looks lovely with the flower just to the side so your arm can go through the side opening!

I would love to see any you make, so please leave me a link and thanks again to my lovely cousin who inspired me! x


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx