cabin tour :: bedroom

we still have lots of finishing touches off to our cosy little cabin, but I couldn't wait to show you some, so I thought I would start with the bedroom as its probably one of the most done rooms!

its not a big room, but  I really love it. Its not that light as the window isn't very big, but that makes it very snug!

we knew we wanted a king-size bed spent ages looking on ebay/gumtree and facebook for one, but nothing seemed quite right ... one morning last spring I was walking to work and passed The Forces Support Shop (which was closed) but in the window I could just make out a big bed. The next day I wasn't working till later so was able to pop in and have a look. It had been made to order in New Zealand Teak and shipped over by a couple moving here, but when they got it to their new home, it wouldn't fit! We had thought we would just get a new mattress, but it cam with a brand new full memory foam mattress. Amazingly Steve was also going to be in town, and popped over to see it and liked it too ... so my lovely dad bought it for us! It must have been a lot when made as it is really solid and well made and the mattress must have been over £800 alone, but we got it at a bargain £145 :)

The floral bed cover was a £20 facebook buy ... don't think it had ever been used!

we are really needing another chest of draws for clothes, which when we find one will fit in beside the one thats there ... hope to get a TV to go on top of it too!! ;)

my chest of draws with the mirror I bought last March looks lovely in the corner and the beautiful picture I bought from the Hobby Craft Show at the NEC back in 2012, I am still waiting to frame, but its a funny size so haven't found the right one yet

this necklace is the one I have made from a broken pair of earrrings and will probably wear for my wedding :)

the rug I knitted fits perfectly down by my side of the bed and is lovely on a cold day to step out of bed onto.

this sweet little hanging owl was bought back from Germany by my mum when they stayed there last Spring ... you can also see one of the gorgeous wooden windows that we bought on eBay last summer ... I really love them!

little owl sits by one of the signs I made and behind the curtains I still A-D-O-R-E!!

this cross stitch picture my Auntie made for me when I was a teenager and I re-framed it last month. The little hanging bells were bought when I went to the German Christmas markets about 8 years ago.

I love the leaves on these wall lights ... being a cabin, I love leaves around the place :)

these love hooks were a gift for Christmas and perfect for our dressing gowns!

and the finishing touch to our gorgeous wooden ceiling is the lace lamp shade I made ... I love it when its both on and off!

the tongue and groove ceiling is throughout the cabin and there are lots of places where we still need to put beading around the edge, and this room is one of them!

oh and this was my first go at wall papering ... with some help from Steve's dad :)

I hope you have enjoyed having a nose into our little nest!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx