magpie monday :: some electrical bits

I wanted to post this last week, but my lap top screen died over the Easter weekend and I had to wait till super-dad got home from visiting my brothers for Easter and fix it ... which like all hero-dad's, he did :) I have been lost with out my faithful old macbook but guess I am lucky that the screen was the first thing to ever be wrong with it in many many many years!

anyway, back to the shopping ... well on Easter day we heard of a garage sale type thing happening in a shop about 6 miles away. Steve's parents went there in the morning and came back with a couple of bits for us!

an electric carving knife as I had commented on how good theirs was and a sandwich maker ... we do like toasted sandwiches and now don't have to go over to his parents when ever we fancy one!!

they mentioned that there was a vacuum cleaner there and from what they could see it was £45 ... although we don't have carpets, I just sweep and mop the wooden floors, there are a couple of rugs that  are quite hard work to sweep ... especially now we have Timber and so have been looking out for a vacuum. Well we thought we would pop down and have a look ... we asked how much the vacuum was and they said £15 so we snapped it up! Later we realised there was a sticker on it saying A45 which much have been what his dad had seen, so we probably could have offered £!0 and got it ... never mind!

its a good little vacuum and all I need really as we only have a small place and I love that the handle folds down so it can hide behind the sofa (we have no cupboard it could go into) its in good condition and works perfectly (they did plug it in and try it out for us before we bought it, so we knew it worked!)


  1. They are some great bargains. Love seeing all your little homely things, I get a real sense of you feathering your nest in your new home. x

    1. thank you Liz, I am loving having my own home again and its so quirky and set in such a lovely place that I have never been happier!

  2. Good finds and great prices. I agree with Liz, and from the photos your home looks lovely x


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