photo catch up

here are some odd photos that I have taken over the last month ... pretty much all of the dogs! ...

excuse the state of the rug, its where Timber lies and he had been shedding fur in clumps!! Its a lot better now as his summer coat has come through :)

Dilly-dog loves sunbathing and the decking is a her favourite place to catch those rays!

Timber prefers the shade though, I think its all the wooly fur he has, and he lies like this all the time ... anywhere!!

there are usually birds on the decking or the feeders all the time and where as over the winter it was mostly blue tits, we now seem to have loads of chaffinches! ... Steve has since bought me a telephoto lens for my birthday, so I should get better photos than this!

I do love it when the dogs are sleeping and this is such a sweet photo :) oh and do you like our new railings that Steve built?

bye for now!


  1. ahhhhh i am a sucker for pet photos. What cute dogs x


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