secret spy camera

well not really, but I was spying on Timber and our wild kitten ... they have become the best of friends ... the kitten is pretty skittish and although has let me pick him up once, he runs away as soon as Dilly shows up as Dilly is too manic ... but Timber is a calm dog and just lies there. We have been watching them in their friendship from a distance, as if the kitten sees us or if Dilly realises he is there and wants to play, then he runs away. So these photos were taken through the door one evening ... sorry about the muddy door, the dogs paw at it when they want to come in, so it never stays clean for long!

it was dusk out there, so I have lightened the photos up so you can see a bit clearer but its made our inside look very orange!!

I think this is my favourite!

and before you ask, yes the cat is trying to hump him, not sure how I feel about this ... but my baby doesn't seem bothered!!


  1. Oh my goodness you have 'that' type of pet relationship in your house! How lovely to see them playing and just being together! Hopefully in time Dilly will be accepted by the kitty too :-) keep up the photo's ;-)

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