wedding fun :: cake

we wanted the simplest wedding, and a wedding cake seemed to be too much fuss, but when we changed our plans and the amount of guests increased we decided to go for a cake as cake is one of Steve's favourite things!

I knew I just wanted something simple and had a picture in my mind of a victoria sponge (steves fave cake) with lots of butter icing just slapped on top.

I was trying to figure out how big a cake we would need for all our guests when I had an idea of having 3 cakes, rather than tiered, have them sitting on 3 different height logs. I searched pinterest and was amazed to see that some people had done similar things! (I know, I'm not the only one to have such a brain-wave!! haha)

living in the country meant logs are more easily accessible and my lovely sister-in-law found these 3 for me ...

Steve cut them for me (where I asked him to) so they were 3 different heights

I was so excited to lay them out ready for the cakes to arrive the night before the wedding ...

and the cakes?? well my lovely Auntie-Cake-Queen-Jo made them for us! 3 beautiful victoria sponges with 3 different homemade jams in them ... strawberry, raspberry and aprict!

and they were stunning, just what I had dreamed of!

and they tasted delicious too! My cousin Liz, also added a few sparkles on them too!



I love reading your comments ... thank you xx