wedding fun :: jewellery

having gold on my dress and a gold in my engagement ring it was a no-brainer that the wedding jewellery would be gold ... my dress had leaves embroydered all over the bodice, so I knew I wanted leaves in the jewellery ... I love the soft colour of the gold and it matched my dress perfectly!

my beautiful older bridesmaids, Sally and Kara, wore pale gold so I made them jewellery that was similar to mine, but also suitable for 11-12 year olds ... I personalised them with letter charms for their name and added lovely birds which also fitted in with our themes (will show you more birds in later posts!)

Natasha, being not quite 4, I made different jewellery for as felt the other was a bit too grown up for her, but this was also something that would last her for years ... she still had the pretty bird but I added a little pink to go with the soft aqua colour

While I was having a jewellery blitz I made some for my mummy-in-law too ... she was going to wear a black dress with lots of pretty coloured flowers all over it, so I found some bits that were perfect from some ex-shop stock that was all broken and adapted it for her ... she ended up wearing a black and pink suit as it was a bit chilly for her to wear the dress, but the jewellery still went really well!

and my beautiful best friend who did my flowers had a lovely aqua and white monsoon dress and needed some matching jewellery ... so this is what I made ... it was a really lovely day making it all!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx