wedding fun :: outfits

every girls big thing about their wedding is the dress right! well last May after we got 'officially' engaged, I started looking and found my dream dress ... it was from Monsoon and had beautiful gold leaves embroidered on the bodice ... it was perfect! later in the summer I found the sweet lace shoes but it was only a couple of weeks before the wedding when I was worried about the weather that I bought the little cardigan.

We didn't originally plan on having bridesmaids but once we were, I thought sweet apple green dresses. Steve wanted something they could wear again, but when Sally and I went bridesmaid dress shopping we couldn't find a thing like I pictured ... but we did fall in love with these pretty pale gold Monsoon dresses!
a couple of years ago my Auntie passed on to my a hand made veil that had been my Great Great Great Grandmother ... it is stunning and I can't believe I  was lucky enough to wear it for my wedding. It did smell a bit musty so we soaked it in some warm water with a squeezed lemon in the water and it came out fresh as a daisy!

(oh and I did iron the bottom of my dress before I wore it!!!)

I found on ebay a week before the wedding this little bag which was perfect for me to have tissues, my phone and my little speech in ... and it was a monsoon-accessorize one too so matched perfectly!

the handle was very little and with having to hold my bouquet too, I decided to add a longer one. I kept the little one attached too, just tucked it inside, so I can now use it as a shoulder bag or one I hold in my hand!

the bridesmaid dresses were soooooo pretty ... I often wish Monsoon did their childrens clothes in adult sizes too and they were the perfect soft gold colour that went with my dress!

Steves outfit was just perfect for him ... he is not really a full suit kinda guy, so we decided to go for a waistcoat and the casual look ... George his best man loved it too :)

Steve loved it because its something he would wear again and again!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx