one year old

It’s been one year . . . one year since this little chap entered the world and stole my heart . . . one year since he went from this to this . . .

(ok, so this was a month or so ago . . . but you can see how he's changed)

In one year he has learnt to chatter, to sing, to dance and wave, to clap his hands and stick his finger up at you (meant to be his thumb, but not quite got it right) in one year he has learnt to sit, pull him self up and stand, to play and charm everyone he meets. In one year he has learnt to feed himself, to open cupboard doors and to turn the pages of a book (as well as rip them) to shake his head and wink with both eyes, to blow raspberries and to kiss and cuddle.

He loves bananas, being tickled and watching the birds. He loves music and dropping food for the dogs.

He hates his feet under the covers and getting dressed.

and I can't imagine life without him x


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