magpie monday :: a trip to the antiques fair

On Saturday I went to the Antiques Fair at the Royal Welsh Show Ground, it was a really lovely day and I even found a few treats for myself.

I am always on the lookout for lace bobbins, a lot are mass produced but I was pleased to find these two. The wide one has a little ball that rolls up and down the bobbin. It was £5 and the other was £2, but as I bought 2 she gave them to me for £6 in total.

Another thing I look out for when I am out and about is unusual wooden spoons . . . and I was delighted to find the one on the end . . . the wooden . . . the one like the bobbin I had just found! . . . it was £8 . . . maybe a little expensive, but I was in the mood to spend and I loved it :)

and then I found this little sweetie . . . it was £2 and is in perfect condition . . . its for a shelf in Billy's room that I collect a few little woodland animals and treasures.

Have you found any bargains this month??


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx