I like things ... especially pretty stationary ... there are always bits of paper floating about! Also being a crafty person and someone who goes whole-hog into a craft (Im not a half hearted person!!) I seem to have lots of stuff!

Most of the house is mostly tidy most of the time, but there is always that room, that dumping ground, where half done projects get put, where things that have no home get put, where half sorted things get dumped and I am sick of it!!!

I have no problem getting rid of things, I am in no way a hoarder, but having had a business making things, I seem to have a lots of 'stuff' and where I am in my life at the moment, with a little one, not much time and concentrating on my oils business, I really need to be ruthless!

A whole storage box of card making papers has been given away and the paper recycling bin has been very full the last few weeks (mostly old catalogues!)

But I really want a more simple life ... I want to not be drowning in stuff ... so the serious clear-out-sort-out-declutter is beginning!!

Here are some quotes that are keeping me going x

Do you have any motivational quotes that help you?


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx