goodbye dora

Just after we got married, Steve bought me an old vintage caravan to convert into a work room. This caravan was christened Dora and she was FILTHY ... so disgusting it made you feel sick, but we cleaned her out and made her nice enough to become a bit of store room. Unfortunately I never got round to making her into the lovely work space I planned. She started leaking over the last winter and so this spring I had to decide if she was worth spending the money on and the time to make her how I wanted her.

Well I decided that poor Dora had to go ... and Sunday was the day ... I have been wanting to work on our side yard this year. Make a lovely space at the side of our home for Billy to play .... and maybe something else!! ;) It has been ignored for the last 3 years ... so just ignore the mess in the photo ;)

So Steve towed her down the drive and loaded her on the trailer (she wasn't road worthy)

... and off she went ...

goodbye Dora, I am sorry I never got to make you wonderful!


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