magpie monday :: light and glass

The lampshade in our dining area broke ages ago .... like a year ago!! And we have just had a bulb hanging there since. I had seen a lovely one in B&Q that I wanted but it was out of stock and when I looked online it seemed to have been discontinued :( I had done a few searches online and whenever I was in B&Q would have a look and see if there was anything else I like, but nothing as much as the one that I had seen before. Then a few weeks ago I found it, on eBay for only £2!!! ........ but I missed the end of the auction ... luckily they re-listed it, £2 or make an offer. I offered £5 ... they came back with a counter offer of £8 ... now as I knew that it had been listed once already and not sold I decided that I was in with a chance to win it cheaper ... so I bid instead ... £5 as my max bid and guess what, I won it for £2!!! There was £10 postage and packing, but still a total bargain of £12 for the light I loved!!

When it arrived they hadn't included the bar that attaches it to the ceiling, luckily Steve managed to adapt the one we had up there with a longer screw to fit, but they did include the bulbs which was lovely of them!

When I first got it out of the box I was slightly concerned it was too big and would hang too low as our ceilings are not very high, but its fine!

I love it and am so pleased I managed to find one the same style I wanted even if its a slightly bigger version of it.

So you may have seen a few weeks ago I joined Slimming World. I always had lots of lovely fruit to eat as Steve loves his fruit. I am more of a vegetable girl, but I have been trying to up my fruit intake and found that we needed another fruit bowl, so I managed to find this lovely pink glass one on eBay for £2.99. It is in perfect condition and goes so well with my other pink glass that I have been collecting over the years.

Have you found any bargains this month or bought any treasures?


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx