goodbye Dilly

My baby is gone ... I have been knowing it would come sometime as she was nearly 14 years old. She was the sweetest little love and her whole mission in life was to love me, which she did without fail.

The last few years of her life weren't as fun for her, she was pretty deaf and about 90% blind, however she was still happy and sweet.

Getting her was the best decision ... before, I was so depressed ... I cried everyday ... she bought me unconditional love and so much joy.

She had the softest fur and prettiest face. There will never be another like her for me.

Although I have cried, I feel peaceful. It was her time. She didn't suffer for long. She had a fit at about 6.30 on Wednesday morning and died peacefully at 9.30am. She was in my arms and I was kissing her. This is our last selfie together

Thank you Dilly-dolly, for being mine and loving me x


  1. Maria, I’m not sure if you will read this as this was posted a while ago now but I wanted to send my love and warmest wishes to you. I contacted you years ago now because I had Dilly’s younger brother Charlie and sister Georgia. Charlie passed on in 2018 and we still have Georgia with us (she is 13 and a half now). She is Dilly’s twin in looks. Please know I have thought of beautiful Dilly so fondly over the years. I know she couldn’t have lived more or been loved by you more. Lots of love xx

    1. Aww Helen, how lovely to hear from you! Yes I remember you having Georgia and Charlie! They really are a special breed and family! Someone at Billys school just got a chocolate puppy before Christmas and my heart melts every time I see him! Take care xx

    2. Chocolate cocker puppy I mean!


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