carry case for my oily products

I love sharing about essential oils and trying to live a more holistic life, however I find myself running around the house like a mad thing before I am going out to share with somebody, collecting all the products I use and shoving them in any bags I can find ... it takes time to put it all away after too, so I have been looking at other options and came across this 4-in-one make-up/ beauty/ cosmetics/ hair dressing case and thought it would be perfect ...

The top part opens up with hinged shelves like an old sewing box, the 2 middle sections have divides in them and the bottom section is a nice huge box. Each section comes off and so is pretty interchangeable depending on how much/ what I want to take.

I also have a problem, that I don't like run of the mill things ... I like to personalise things and make them pretty and I really wasn't a fan of the plain silver colour. They did do the case in black or pink, but they were a little more expensive and I didn't want either of them ... so I decided to buy some pretty sticky-back plastic (fablon) and make something more 'me'.

I am so pleased with how its turned out ...

 These pictures were taken before I had finished, so one of the compartments isn't covered ... they are all done now thought.

I get through a lot of some of the products and oils, so my plan is to keep some about quarter full in in the case permanently so I don't have to rush around and get everything.


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx