magpie monday :: a couple of restoration projects

For my birthday Steve bought me an old printers tray ... I have always loved them, as I am a big lover of storage and could there be anything more cute than a load of compartments?? It needs a bit of a clean up and a couple of the divider are broken but that just adds to its charm right!?

The small compartments fit a 5ml bottle of essential oil perfectly and the longer ones can squeeze a 15ml! ... 'cos every girls need more oils storage doesn't she ;)

I have seen these painted up white and they look so lovely, but thinking of my decor, the natural wood is probably best ... I want it in our bedroom but Steve doesn't want oils in the bedroom as well.

Then the other day Steve came back from his work shed with this beauty ... I think its for old work tools and is in really rough condition ... he said it was just ruining out there, getting damp ... so we are drying it off and I am hoping it can be done up and would be perfect for my work space!

The back and the draw bases may need replacing, but it has so much potential!

Have you found any bargains this month or bought any treasures?


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx