reasons to be cheerful

I saw a while ago on someones blog a post they did every week called reasons to be cheerful and I thought it was a lovely idea ... now I come to do it myself though I can't remember where I saw it so can't give her the credit ... sorry!

I have had been a bit of a downer this week, probably because I am tired from chasing a puppy around and being woken in the night by a wolf howling! ;)

so my reasons to be cheerful are ::


ok, so Dilly's not a sleep in these pics, but thats cos she heard me getting my camera ... but she is no bother anyway ... it's the little wolf rasckel that needs keeping an eye on, so an afternoon of sleep meant I could get a lot done!

Timber loves sleeping on the sofa and stretching out ... isn't he cute!

2. HOUSE-TOILET TRAINED PUPPY! after a few intense days, we have pretty much house trained him, I can't believe it ... I really thought it would take a few weeks.

3. TIMBERS DIARRHEA IS A BIT BETTER :) he is still not completley better, but it does make cleaning up after him sooooo much easier! Not sure if thats cos he is now a bit more settled or if his tummy has got used to the change in food.

they are all a bit doggy/puppy related aren't they?! well thats cos thats my world this week!

hope you are all having a good week and are cheerful! x


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx