my brave boy

My little Billy-boy is not the bravest boy when it comes to interacting. He takes a little while to warm up in a crowd and usually wants a cuddle for about 20 minutes before he feels brave enough to toddle off and potter around. I think both Steve and I were very like that when we were little too.

Yesterday we went to an indoor play area with a load of friends. This play area had a tots area and then a big climbing frame area for older kits.

As usual Billy took a while to want to have a play, but once he started, he loved it!

One thing he really didn't want to do was go down the slide .... he kept climbing up the soft ladder, but then came down feet first the same way ... until about 10 minutes before we left when I was a little way away from him ... and he did it ... feet first, but he did it!!!

I love my little brave boy!


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