oh goodness

oh goodness this poor blog has been rather neglected this last year or so! But I guess that's what parenting does to you!

We have had a bit of an up and down year. I had a miscarriage back in November which has been heartbreaking. Billy has grown into the sweetest boy who loves the outdoors, his dogs and Shawn the Sheep. Steve has got a lot of new (well new to him) machinery, which he has had fun and not so much fun tinkering with and fixing!

I am still filling my day with essential oils and making things.
I feel like I started a bit of a wellness journey last year which I am still on. I have a lot to learn and a long way to go, but its all baby steps in the right direction!

I have so many plans and goals for this year.
Declutter - basically have a HUGE clear out and sort out!
Make some headway with the garden and make the yard a nice area to be in!
Do some more of Offa's Dyke walk that mum and I started a few years ago ... and just do some more walk around our home.

I am so excited about this year though :)


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx